Yllume (pronounced eeloom), was launched on 12 July 2010 and offers premium skin brightening scientific skincare that works from the ‘inside and out’. Yllume products work through the use of skin supplement and topical cream for a lighter, brighter skin.


Lamelle Research Laboratories is a South African biotechnology research company that manufactures products that are innovative and evidenced based. Started in 2007, the founders have over 25 years of medical and pharmacy experience to bring a unique perspective to the industry.


Cosmelantreatment guarantees the improvement of the anti-aesthetic skin blemishes with a very high safety margin. Cosmelan’s Depigmentation treatment principal action is the elimination of melanin patches on the face – melasma.

Crystal Tomato

Crystal Tomato® oral supplement is a convenient way to improve the fair complexion of your skin.There are no creams, lotions or needles; it’s as easy as just one pill a day to improve your fair complexion from head to toe for you to achieve even toned and healthier skin.


Phytomer FROM THE SEA TO THE SKIN. The benefits of the sea are fascinating and limitless; PHYTOMER makes exceptional products out of them. The skin is beautiful in the hands of professionals; PHYTOMER offers remarkable manual treatments in its spas.

Skin Doctors

Skin DoctorsCosmeceuticals are industry leaders in the development and marketing of breakthrough, clinical strength cosmeceuticals that offer consumers topical alternatives to surgery. No doctors, no needles, no pain!


Herbalife is perfect for your busy lifestyle. It is a high quality nutritional supplement that is high in proteins to help you build lean muscle in the least amount of time. Herbalife’s innovative products have been developed by scientists and nutritionists with your personal wellness goals in mind.


LIPOGON is an extremely effective method of combating cellulite and enhancing the effects of dieting and exercise. LIPOGON reduces fat safely around the waist, inner thigh, abdomen, under the upper arms, knees, ankles and double chin. With over 30 years of experience in weight loss and slimming, Lipogon Lab Series carries out extensive research into established and developing markets to ensure constant growth. Lipogon creates and provides healthy, effective Slimming and Wellness products, formulated to improve weight loss, well – being and to enhance to enhance holistic health, as well as improve the overall lifestyle of our clients by example and education.

Beautilicious Skin

Bespoke handmade sugar and salt body scrubs exclusively available at Beautilicious Med Spa. To learn more click here to visit our Instagram page.

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