Beautilicious Med Spa offers:
Phytomer Deep Cleanse
Rejuvenating and Whitening Facials that help with specific conditions on the face.
The Phytomer Deep cleanse facial helps unclog pores, relieve congestion…

Erase imperfections
Remove damaged skin
Improve skin tone and texture
Allow new skin to grow
Chemical Peels are used to treat:

IPL (Intense Pulse Light) is a safe light technology method used on the face and body to retard the growth of hair at its root. This technology is safe to use on all skin types.

Beautilicious Med Spa is an aesthetic centre founded in 2012. Denise Naidoo, owner of Beautilicious Med Spa has a National Diploma(N Dip) in Aesthetics, Physiatrics and Cosmetology (KZN) and has over 10 years aesthetic experience. She is also SAAHSP (South African Association of Skincare Professionals) certified. As a lecturer in 2010, Denise combines expertise with world renowned skincare products and speciality equipment to offer innovative and advanced laser treatments, hair removal, skin resurfacing, chemical peels and Phytomer Facials. Beautilicious Med Spa is an aesthetic centre based at Mediworx-S, 30 Swartgoud Street, Winchester hills. and caters to both men and women of the new era!

Experience a customised blend of science & expert technique in a medical suite setting. Our dynamics offerings for advanced skincare combine the most excellent skincare products & innovative technologies to provide results-driven skin rejuvenation.

Disclaimer: Regret no refund policy applies